Information on Ordering from MRL

PLEASE NOTE: Due to continued Covid 19 issues and diminished shipping options locally, please allow extra time for your order to get to you. We will get your order to you.

How to Order:

1.    WHO MAY ORDER: Individuals, for the purpose of individual use, projects and experimentation not for commercial resale or quantity purchase.

2.    Prices are subject to change without notice. We strive to keep every item in stock. For this reason we reserve the right to limit quantities purchased. There is no backordering for items out of stock. Please process refund checks promptly. Overages less than a dollar may be refunded with postage stamps.

3.    Orders are usually shipped within one week upon receipt of your order. But please allow four weeks maximum for your order to arrive to you. As a small concern, we can at times be swamped with orders, and there is somewhat more labor in processing and filling an order here than if for example, we were just a mail order bookstore. If your order is to be delayed, I will write to you, email, or call. To enhance the speed of service, you may receive the paperwork separate from, and after you receive your order.

4.     PAYMENT: Personal check or money order is fine. Make check or money order payable to Modern Radio Laboratories and send mail to:

 Modern Radio Labs, P.O. Box 14902, Minneapolis, MN 55414-0902. 

Credit card payment may be made here on our website via the PayPal buttons for designated items, or go to and follow the easy instructions for sending money. You will need our PayPal email address to send money. 

Our PayPal email address for sending funds is: Email: bzowy51(at)gmail(dot)com This has worked OK for all of the items in the paper catalog, which are not currently displayed here.

Please Note: If you send mail to the PO Box address, please let us know by email if you do. Thank you.


73 Paul L. Nelson MRL

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