MRL Handbook No. 4


MRL 1-tube D.C. All-Wave Set

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NOTE: Special parts list provided specifically for purchase of this handbook

(Printed on 100% acid free paper stock by Paul Nelson)

This is one of our best MRL Handbooks.

The One-tube set it describes weighs but 12 ounces. Literally hundreds of them have
been sold to satisfied customers, so the rig is not an experiment on the market, but a proven useful unit.

The circuit is simple and is easy to assemble and wire. The DX ability is due to the layout of the proper parts, Antenna condenser, and little kinks we have learned during its sale over the years.

Complete parts lists are given in detail. While we prefer certain parts, the whole list may be purchased at any good radio parts store.

On its 24 pages, we have attempted to show all drawings in full size, so measurements may be made directly. It is easy to lay out the panel, base, etc., by just removing the staple from the handbook and placing the sheet directly on the flat working surface. Our new system of systematic wiring, showing starting points, etc., will help the novice. One may use the schematic or pictorial diagrams as he wishes. Details are given as we progress as to why certain methods were used.


    1.    Good reason for this handbook.
    2.    The "1-tuber" in action.   
    3.    The circuit
    4.    Parts list
    5.    Laying out the panel.
    6.    Laying out the base.
    7.    Laying out the back strip.
    8.    Assembling the chassis.
    9.    The antenna condenser.
  10.    General wiring details.
  11.    Wiring the set.
  12.    Winding the coils.
  13.    Adjusting the trimmer cond.
  14.    20 & 40 Meter bands.
  15.    80 & 160 Meter bands.
  16.    Hi-F and Lo-F BC Bands.
  17.    Long wave bands.   
  18.    Notes
  19.    Performance reports.


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