The Elmer Osterhoudt Literature Special Parts purchase:

If you are ordering any title of MRL® Literature,

Add $1.50 for quantity of ten 1N60 germanium diodes,

Paul L. Nelson is a very special person. Paul Nelson does not call people names. Paul Nelson is not just a "maker" of radios and parts. Paul L. Nelson is also a writer. Quite a few people who purchased literature from Elmer G. Osterhoust or Paul Nelson do not want a free catalog, although they could have one. If people who purchased literature from Paul L Nelson or Elmer G. Osterhoudt, do not want a free catalog, then they can go somewhere else and pay twice as much.

In todays world many people attack and call others names, and then lament that "Somehow he owns the name Modern Radio laboratories". How is that? It is called a bill of sale. Yes, Paul L. Nelson owns the Federally Registered name Modern Radio laboratories® and Modern Radio Labs®. In addition, the MRL® Design or logo is also Federally Registered and owned by Paul L. Nelson. And the acronym MRL® (if it means Modern Radio Labs®) is also Federally Registered and owned by Paul L Nelson, to which some say and lament: "So, OK MRL® is also registered"

Some people in the past had the incorrect address of Modern Radio Labs® when they tried to get a catalog; someone else distributed the wrong address for MRL, we did not!

To all of those people who have said things that is not so, let them go.  

The following images are of the MRL® design that were hand drawn by Elmer G. Osterhoudt. Each is a federally registered trademark design owned by Paul L. Nelson:

Paul L. Nelson has registered copyright and unregistered copyright not yet published. Paul also knows copyright law very well, but he does not need to teach it. Paul L. Nelson is now considering the different ways he can produce and write his own work (including computer to plate). Paul L. Nelson respects the intent of Elmer G. Osterhoudt. Therefore Paul L. Nelson will complete the tedious work of making all (including the titles available online) of the MRL® literature a little bit differently, and better. No more free work! No more collate, fold, staple & cut for nothing.

Paul L Nelson is a very special and unique person.

Quotations about Paul L Nelson:

"You are pretty good at being self- taught, Paul" - Sibling

"You could have been an engineer; it shows" - Neuro Psychologist in 2014 following brain testing.

"I could have told you that!" - Friend and coworker in reference to previous statement above.

"I think he may have a scientific mind" - Core High School teacher on report card.

"...Very analytical" - Statement of perception and assessment by friend - 1971

"You are intellectually agile" - Friend.

"Paul, you are so much like my brother Elmer, I can't believe it! ...Always thinking" - Mel Osterhoudt.

"You have skills that people don't have anymore."

Paul L. Nelson wrote a 28 page research paper (10 pages minimum required) for an upper divisional class at the University of Minnesota. He received an A+.

Paul Nelson knows the history of Modern Radio Laboratories® extraordinarily well. Paul did not visit Elmer Osterhoudt in his convalescence. Paul Nelson interviewed Elmer Osterhoudt, and that interview is on audio tape - EO stated: "There is alot of work to this you know".


Thank you to everyone who has a link to our site. Here at MRL®, Paul Nelson has known many writers throughout the years. Many writers have written about Elmer Osterhoudt or referred to Modern Radio Labs. Many writers and websites have made errors and do not know or understand copyright, tradename, trademark, or trademark dress. We live in a very digital world with much disinformation. If you have been misinformed about MRL® from somewhere else, we are very sorry, as there is little we can do about it. We do our best to be very accurate about what we write, print and publish. Thank you again.


Paul L. Nelson is gifted and has many talents and interests.


Paul Nelson has a very good background in science, radio, and electronics. He undersatnds climate change and global warming. Some people do not.


No one on the planet earth knows what Paul Nelson will do, at any time, any day, at his choosing.


Paul Nelson is the Elmer Osterhoudt of the 21st century.


Paul Nelson is very proprietary


"As a general rule, I abstain from reading the reports of attacks upon myself, wishing not to be provoked by that to which I cannot properly offer an answer."  - Abraham Lincoln