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430 PF Variable Air Capacitor

406 PF Variable Capacitor


  Variable Air Capacitor 430 pf


Des cap


                                                  Photo Copyright 2002 - 2022 Paul L. Nelson All rights reserved. 


         $11.95 Postage & Handling Paid  USA




Versatile AM/FM Superhet type. Built-in Gear Drive Vernier. This Cap has five sections: one 19 plate for 13 to 260pf, one 13 plate for 115pf, and three separate 5 plate sections, each providing 3-20pf. The shaft is ball bearing mounted, made of brass and attached to a gear driven vernier drive that may be used or removed. Four trimmers on the side. Dimensions: 1-5/16” high by 1½” wide by 2-3/8” long. 1-3/16” long tuning shaft. The gangs may be connected for a wide capacitance range. Suitable for a variety of radio and crystal set projects. Very well made. Three untapped mounting holes on the front, two which may be used with the gear drive vernier installed using two #6 standoff spacers 5/8” long. Seven untapped mounting holes on the bottom.



This capacitor will cover the full broadcast band range by removing the four trimmers and connecting all of the separate gangs in parallel. The capacitor range will then be 22pf to 430pf. Accounting for distributed capacitance of the coil and limiting stray capacitance, a 210.2 uH coil with the 22 to 430pf will cover the full broadcast band of 530 to 1700 kilocycles.



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Variable Air Capacitor 16 to 406 pf



$15.25 Postage & Handling Paid USA


This little beauty is a new-old-stock variable capacitor of circa 1970's production, provides 16pf minimum capacitance to a full 406pf maximum and is a little better quality than similar caps manufactured today. The 1/4" diameter shaft is 3/8" long and  is solid brass. Clockwise rotation makes the plates fully meshed to reach maximum capacitance. There are four 6-32 tapped holes on the top (the top holes are not shown they are beneath the capacitor in photo), and five untapped #6 holes on the front. The front is shown in the photo above.









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Copyright Paul L. Nelson 2002 - 2022 All rights reserved.