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MRL® No 2XPN Crystal Radio Kit

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"The kit is absolutely gorgeous! I am thrilled with it! You are certainly putting out an extremely high quality product. I also liked the extra touch of wrapping it in kraft paper and tying it with string. It was like getting something very special and it was just that, very special! " - faithful testimonial

The above two photos are earlier versions of completed MRL 2 kits from Paul Nelson's MRL. The current kit design is very similar except as described in paragraph below.

Pre-wound coil

Finished Oak Base

Built-in MRL® Crystal Stand (#89)

New easy change diode mount with thumbscrews.

MRL® Steel Galena Crystal included

All parts for assembly included.


This kit is an intermediate skill kit, not for children without adult supervision; soldering is required. While the circuit is fairly simple and straightforward, the assembly requires patience and good hand and eye coordination skills.

Beautifully designed with artisan craftsmanship. Our members have requested that we not change or abandon the original, historical design too much. However, there have been slight modifications. A wider oak wood base is included to provide more space for the addition of an impedance matching transformer system, or other components. The screws to mount the coil are longer to accommodate greater distance between the coil and the front panel (a full 2 inches) if it is desired not to install any or all of the coil tap connections. If you want all of the coil tap connections, then we recommend the coil be mounted closer to the panel to allow shorter lengths of the tap wires, circa 1.25".
The tuning range covers the entire broadcast band and continues up to circa 12 megacycles.

We have measured an unusually high Q of the MRL® 2XPN coil, for a non litz, close wound solenoid coil. The coil is pre-wound and the form is made from 1/16th thick polystyrene, and we use a modern non moisture absorbing insulated "DCC" wire that provides the same number of turns per inch as the old cotton covered wire.


The heart of the set is the coil, and this set works beautifully with a shottky diode and even better with an impedance matching system. Both a no-bias shottky and a germanium diode are provided with this kit.


The following is a basic circuit diagram of the kit, composed with "Tubepad":

The above circuit diagram was drawn with Tubepad, a share-ware library of images by Gary Johanson, WD4NKA


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