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The Elmer Osterhoudt Collection


  Handmade Literature Titles Currently Available:


  MRL® HB-2 - MRL® Handbook No 2 Long Distance Crystal Set  $7.80 ppd

  MRL® HB-4 - MRL® 1 Tube DC All Wave Set  $7.25 ppd

  MRL® HB-7 - Experiments with Magnetism & Coils $7.25 ppd

  MRL® HB-8 - MRL® RADIO Kinks and Quips  $7.25 ppd

  MRL® HB-11 - MRL® Radio Operating as A Career  $7.25 ppd


Individual postage paid titles are listed above. Please write to inquire total costs for any combination of the titles above, two or more.

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